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  • Was Browsing Running Motivation Videos
    Woman Tired After Running  I was thinking for new topics for Articles for the Run My Route blog this afternoon and was thinkingabout how I get motivated.  When I sit on the road bike on the wind trainer in the winter I watch YouTube videos of running, races, all kinds of running stuff.  So, I was thinking we should do a series of articleson what motivates you to run!


  • Why We Run

    The benefits of running are well-documented and diverse, ranging from helping to control weight and blood pressure, to reducing stress and alleviating depression.  But what brings each of us as individuals to running?  It's easy to see the motivation of a gifted athlete, but why does the average person lace up their shoes, day after day, year after year?

    Here at Run My Route, we'd like to explore what keeps you coming back to the track ... or the road, or bike path, or hiking trail ...

  • Favorite Recovery Foods Smoothies
    Running Nutrition Refueling after a long workout can positively impact the effects of the exercise.  Replenishing the body's energy stores speeds up the recovery process, and helps to avoid fatigue and low motivation for the next workout.  Find out more about guidelines for post-exercise nutrition and some of our favorite smoothie recipes!


  • Welcome to the NEW Run My Route Blog
    Run My Route Blog

    Welcome to the shiny new Run My Route Blog!  We have been working hard to get a lot of updates to the site rolled out and the blog is one of the updates we have been trying very hard to get out to you.


    We are planning a lot of good content for the blog and we really hope you enjoy it.  If you have any comments or feeback on the blog please let us know at Run My Route Feedback.

  • What is Run My Route? Run My Route is your personal online traininer and running route mapping tool. Run My Route is for runners and joggers who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively. Find running maps and map your running route online with Run My Route. Whether you are a jogger or training for a marathon, try our free online running mao tools and training calendar.
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