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Enjoy Training For and Running Your First Race

Enjoy Training For and Running Your First Race

Every runner had to start somewhere. The best ultra-marathon runner did not start out running huge distances. If you are considering running your first race, there are a few things you should know....

Start with good running shoes. You are going to put in time training as well as racing. Those tennis shoes you’ve worn daily for the last eight months aren’t going cut it for your race. You don’t have to buy the most expensive shoes, but they should be comfortable. Visit a sporting goods or running store or view our previous blog for tips on how to find the right shoes.

It is also important to not push yourself too hard in the beginning. Yes, it’s tempting to run as hard as you can and then crash, but that’s not generally the best idea. Instead, pace yourself. There are a variety of training programs to help you pace yourself so you can better avoid injury and keep yourself motivated.

When your race day comes along, it is important to make your first race about competing against yourself rather than about beating anyone. Okay, realistically you probably want to beat your friend who has entered the same race, but other than that, it is important to not focus on how you place in the race results. Have a certain goal, whether it’s to simply finish the race or if it’s a specific time you’re shooting to get. Focus on that goal. Do not worry about if you come in first, somewhere in the middle, or dead last. Your first race is about you. After your first race, you can readjust your racing goals for future races.


Enjoy Training For and Running Your First Race


Another thing to remember is to not be afraid to walk during your first race, especially if you’ve chosen a half-marathon or full-marathon for your first race. There will probably be other people also walking a portion of the race. Just don’t walk too long.

Now that you have decided to start training for your first race, use a running map to help you plan your running route as well as track your mileage.

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This is great advice for persons starting out, matbe we should have something specifically for like 5k races, 10k races etc.
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