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King of My Running Kingdom

Running shoe laces

So, I'm an inconsistent runner.  The problem is running in the winter.  I hate the cold and hate running in snow and ice.  On the morning drive to work I'll see those die-hard runners plowing through drifts ordelicately tip-toeing across patches of snow packed ice.  Shaking my head I'll smile and wait for spring to give me the motivation to get out, lace up my shoes, and take off.

I've never actually run a race. There are plenty of friends who have asked, but I have trouble with running for someone else.  When I run, I do it for me.  There is no music, there are no distractions, just me and nature.  The only reason to run in my mind is because I love it; love the feeling of running, having run, knowing that I can run.

That being said, every spring I dust off the running shoes, and plot out the running routes that I will conquer during the warm months.  Unfortunately, due to my inconsistency, I have to start small.  My first week of running usually consists of 1.5-2 miles at an easy pace.  I build, expand my routes through the summer so by fall I am consistenly running 8-10 miles four times a week.  On my off days my wife and I will go for a walk or hike to keep the muscles loose.


Now, while I don't run during the winter I will scout out some new running routes.  Sometimes I will hop in the car with a big cup of cocoa and drive around slowly; judging hills and flats, traffic and nature, and probably freaking people out as I drive by slowly staring at them.  The nice thing is when spring rolls around I usually have my first four expanding routes mapped out so I don't even have to think.  I can just run.

Running in the sand


I don't know that I could explain myself to a non-runner.  There's just something theraputic about the pain of running.  On those days when you push yourself just a little harder than you thought you could, I just feel alive in the harshness of my breathing.  I know that nobody else can tell me what I can and can't do; except for that traffic cop that makes me stop.  (Note to self, change route to avoid said traffic cop)  There is not a soul holding me accountable for how far I run or how fast.  When I run it's just me in my own little world.

Maybe someday I will join my wife and run a 10k or a half marathon, but until then I will continue to be the king of my little running kingdom.  There is only one king there and I'm my only subject, but when I'm running that suits me just fine.

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The feeling of gasping for breath with the sweat pouring down your face is thebest high you ever have !! i love it !! I am 57 now and run right through the year but during the winter months i do a lot of hard fast interval training.


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