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  • Welcome to our Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest on Run My Route

    We are now on Pinterest!  Time to collect and share :)  We have started out with just a couple of Boards and have plans to load up some good running content for you.  We are new to Pinterest, but we are getting the boards going and they are looking great so far!


    Run My Route Pinterest Boards


    We have some boards started already that you can check out.  We arealso  planning out some boards for the future and will get them going as soon as we can. 

    Here are the Boards we have so far:

    - Run My Route

    - Nutrition for Runners

    - Funny Running

    - Why We Run

    Check out our Boards [here] and feel free to re-pin away!

    If you have some good ideas for Boards please let us know!

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