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  • Mo Farah Running Away From Things

    Mo Farah London Olympics 2012

    We love Mo Farah!  Being from the UK originally (IoM) I do tend to have a sentiment for the home lands.  I came across this great site a long time ago and just rediscovered it.  I love it each time I look at it, so I thought I would spread the word on it.

    Who is Mo Farah, just in case you don't following racing...  He won double gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics in the 5km and 10km events.  This is just about an unheard of feat by Mo.

    Mo's home page:

    Mo on Wikipedia:

    See all the pictures, 100's of them I think, at:


    Here is one of my favourites, it is Mo running away from a mob of Mo's, run Mo run, Mo is going to get you!  


    Mo Farah Running Away From Things


    Another great one is Mo running away from those lightening fast boys from the movie Chariots of Fire!


    Mo Farah Chariots of Fire


    Here is the link to the original Tumblr Blog where all the pictures of Mo Running Away from Mo can be found.  You will see the pictures on lots of other sites, but this is where it all started!


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