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Help and Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Delete a Route?

Currently you cannot completely Delete a Route. We are updating the site to allow this in the near future.
To hide a Route you can Archive it so it is no longer visible. Effectivley, this is similar to Deleting the Route as it will no longer show up on any pages or in your Training Log. To Archive a Route, go to My Routes, find the Route you are looking for, open up the Route to View, click the Archive button on the lower left side of the Route information. The Route will no longer be available.
Why Archive? This is due to a route being associated with a Training Log. When this is the case we don't want to delete the Route completely as it would no longer appear for a Training Log you entered.


Can I make a Route Private?

Yes! All Routes can be Private. When you save a Route there is a checkbox on the form for Public / Private. Simply un-check this checkbox when saving your Route and it will only be available for you. If you saved it as Public by mistake you can go back to the Route, Edit the Route, don't make any changes to the Route, click on Save to Save the Route, on the form un-check the checkbox for Public and the Route will now only be available to you.


Oh, No! I had an Issue with the site!

Well, we hope this never happens, but sometimes unexpected things do occur. Please let us know and we will do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again!

Or, maybe you have a great idea for something we should incorporate into the site! We are all ears...!

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