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About Us


Run My Route is a community based running site. We are striving to provide a simple, easy to use, web site for runners to track running routes. We have added in features for users who sign up such as saving your routes and your own training log to track your workouts. The best thing, it is all free!

We have just released a new version of the site. Some of the new functionality includes:

  • New Logo!
  • New Log On when creating a route so you don't have to leave the page.
  • Follow Roads - Select the option to Follow Roads so you don't need to click every turn. Choose from following roads by Driving or Walking.
  • Loop Route - Closes the route connecting the last point to the first point.
  • Back to Start - Reverses the route to go back to the start, like an out and back route.
  • Full Screen - Need I say more? Full screen maps so you can see a big map!
  • Archive - Remove routes from your list you no longer wish to see. Bring them back later if you change your mind.
  • ... and many more!

Feeback... Like it? Don't like it? Feature Request?