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  • Distance Does Not Equal Weight

    Sometimes CHANGE is good!

    We have just rolled out a whole bunch of changes to the Run My Route web site!  We are pretty happy with them and we hope you will be too. We are prepping for the launch of our upcoming iPhone app too, so these changes line up to accompany the mobile Run My Route app. 


    Run My Route - Distance and Weight

    Firstly, we have done some updates to the calculations for the distance and units for a run.  We were occasionally having issues where the miles and kilomters units for a route were getting confused.  We have gone through to clean up the calculations to get them as accurate as possible.


    The big thing we needed to do, which we should have done a long time ago, was to split out the Units of Measure (UoM) for Weight from the units for Distance.  In the past you had to either track weight and distance in Imperial with Pounds and Miles, or track them in Metric with Kilograms and Kilometers.  There was no ability to track these to values differently, for example your weight in Pounds and distance in Kilometers.


    If you go to your Preferences  Run My Route - User Preferences  you can see that we now have two separate items for Weight and Distance, see the image below:


    Run My Route - Distance and Weight

    Note: We updated everyones Distance preference to match your Weight preference to kick things off.  So feel free to go and change them to your liking.

    Stay tuned for more updates we have coming.  We will post the major updates here in the blog for your reading pleasure ;)


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